The Emerald Hills Homeowners Association (EHHA) was founded by residents in the late 1950s to fight attempts by the state to site Highway 280 through the residential areas of Emerald Hills. After this initial success, the EHHA went on to tackle other issues of common concern

In recent years, EHHA has:

  • Created a general community plan
  • Helped establish Edgewood Park as a permanent nature preserve
  • Prevented expansion of commercial development in the area
  • Given away over 2000 oak and redwood trees to reforest the area

In local government, EHHA functions as a political lobbying group for the Emerald Hills area on issues such as street construction and maintenance, water services and rates, and open-space management.

Membership in the EHHA is voluntary as are the contributions which support its continued operation.

Current EHHA Directors

Please send email to to communicate with the EHHA board members.

  • Thomas Brouchoud (
  • Tim Farrar (Treasurer) (
  • Michael Mangini (President) (
  • John Raleigh (
  • Jay Roses (
  • Mike Sherman (
  • Carl Touhey (
  • Marline Underwood (

Minutes of Board Meetings are archived here. The board's usual meeting schedule is 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. the second Wednesday of each month, and EHHA members are welcome to attend. The standing location is Firehouse 19 (4091 Jefferson Ave.). Please check our home page to confirm the meeting schedule. If a meeting is cancelled or rescheduled, notice of this change will be clearly posted there at least 48 hours prior to the original meeting date. Before coming to a meeting, be sure to confirm the meeting is still scheduled.

Past EHHA Officers

 Year  President  Vice President  Secretary*  Treasurer
Michael Mangini

Michael Mangini
Tom Brouchoud

Tom Brouchoud
Adriana Botto

Adriana Botto
Tim Farrar

Tim Farrar
 2007  Steve Hill  Michael Mangini  Adriana Botto  Lee Lukehart
 2006  Sallie Martin  Carole Henley  Cheryl McGovern (R)
 Lee Lukehart
 Lee Lukehart
 2005  Carolyn Chaney  Sallie Martin  Vicky Tuite (R)
 Marilynn Goldberg
 Lee Lukehart
 2004  Carolyn Chaney  Sallie Martin  Cathy Recht  Vicky Tuite
 2003  Carolyn Chaney  Lee Lukehart  Sallie Martin  Phillip Quan
 2002  David Klausner  Laura Dowling  Lee Lukehart  Carolyn Chaney
 2001  Steve Heitel  Bob Hartzell  Bill Korbholz  Doug Davis
*Division of duties of the office of Secretary: R=Recording, C=Corresponding


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