Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
We will share answers we've found to common questions from Members. A growing body of information will accumulate and be posted here.

Q. Where can a resident of Emerald Hills address a neighborhood eyesore? (inoperative, abandoned, wrecked or dismantled vehicle; accumulation of debris, garbage, refuse, weeds, overgrowth; any other hazard to public health or safety)
A. The issues listed above are addressed in the San Mateo County Ordinances under "Abatement of Nuisance." Report issues to the County Planning & Building Division's Code Compliance Unit at 650-363-4825. 

Regarding vehicles, the specific ordinance is Section 7.60.140, which states, in brief, that "it is unlawful to leave any licensed or unlicensed vehicle or parts of a vehicle which is in an abandoned, wrecked, dismantled or inoperative condition upon any private or public property for more than ten days unless such vehicle or parts thereof is completely enclosed within a building in a lawful manner where it is not plainly visible from the street."

Q. Whom do I call to get roadside litter picked up?
A. We called the Roads Maintenance Manager in the San Mateo County Department of Public Works to clarify the extent of their responsibilities. The answer is that the county will pick up litter for any travelway or drainage gutter in unincorporated areas (such as Emerald Hills). However, there may be other land that is a county easement, but if it's not a travelway or gutter, then it doesn't benefit from litter service.

So the shoulder of the road that runs by your land--even if it is a county easement--may not be considered part of the gutter, and thus responsibility falls to the homeowner to have the litter removed. On the other hand, if there is litter in the roadway or gutter you want to report, you may do so by calling the Road Maintenance Manager at 650-363-4149.

Q. Where do I go to vote? Must I re-register if I've moved?
A. You DO have to re-register if you have moved, and your registration must be received at least 15 days prior to the election. Forms are available in person at public libraries, city and county offices, California DMV offices, at U.S. Post Offices, or via on-line download. 

The following are useful links for this voting information:
Go to to find your polling location.
Go to to get other election information.

Depending upon where you live in Emerald Hills, your polling place will most likely be one of the following:

Clifford School
Kamp Room
Clifford Ave & Scenic Dr
Redwood City, CA

Fire House #19
Woodside Fire Dept
850 California Way
Redwood City, CA


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